The SLF-1880™ super-lightweight fairway mower by Jacobsen® is the lightest fairway machine in the industry. The patented lift-arm mechanism allows its narrow reels to easily glide over undulating terrain leaving more attractive turf. Its extreme versatility also allows you to mow more areas with just one machine.


The Fairway 250 light-weight fairway mower provides consistent, tournament quality results quickly and easily. Featuring a powerful, high performance engine, fairways are cut in the minimum of time allowing operators more hours in the day to perform other tasks.

The ability to alter the grass discharge direction rapidly enables a switch from collection to rear discharge. Constant four-wheel drive gives improved traction and less turf damage. Adjustable weight transfer offers superior traction.

LF550 / LF570

Jacobsen’s LF550/570 and LF557/577 lightweight large area reel mowers offer industry leading productivity and functionality through optimised controls, maximised performance and simplified maintenance.